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We take pride in our uniqueness. 

If you don't already know what we are about, maybe this weekend is the perfect chance to find out... 

Let us take you on a journey. 

Discover the Elements of Latvian Cuisine with a Modern Twist at The White House Bangkok


Our story begins from the root of nature. We intend to showcase the creativity of a modern Latvian cuisine through the culinary art with fresh local ingredients and premium quality products from all around the world, every dish that appears on our menu is meticulously prepared, crafted to perfection, and displayed on the plates and bowls hand-drawn by highly skilled craftsmen with making every single dish at the White House Bangkok full of taste and flavor that you will come to love.

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Melting in your heart Oysters

Aleksandrs Nasikailovs,

Our Executive Chef with 15 years of culinary journey, he worked at Vincent Restaurant, the famous grand dame of fine dining in Riga, Latvia, where he got to travel around the world to find the perfect taste for every dish he serves. With his 2 years experience of working in Thailand at Baltic Blunos, he is ready to take Baltic Cuisine to another level with a little twist from the local ingredients at The White House Bangkok,

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Kei Sawada should be more than a reason for anyone to spend their hard-earned baht there. For those who don’t know him, Kei Sawada was a legendary figure from a Japanese alcohol showroom and bar Salon Du Japonisant. Now, Sawada has teamed up with Latvian chef Aleksandrs Nasikailov for Klong Toey’s latest fine-dining The White House Bangkok where Sawada brings his unique spin and Japanese techniques for creative cocktails—both for pairing with food (B1,500/8 glasses) and by the glass.  

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